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Online Courses

The list of our free and paid courses available for enrollment on Udemy is shown below (updated Feb. 22, 2015).  The courses on the Udemy platform allow a free preview, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and all future updates to a course are included at no additional cost.  We also try to include our latest coupons in the link, so you can get it at the lowest price anywhere:

  • AntiStalkers new! – anti-stalking, anti-bullying course, including statistics, information on effects, and how to understand stalking & what options there are (from
  • Motivation Course – powerful lessons on keeping you motivated, including motivational theories, and how your biology affects motivation (from
  • Resolutions Course – goal setting & keeping your resolutions – no matter when you make them (from
  • Walking Course – free – learn about the health benefits of walking, motivational aspects, and more (from

We also have a link to a new course we have been asked to list here, from

  • Thai Language Course – limited time coupon for this week – an easy course to learn Thai words, phrases, and the alphabet.  Helpful for visiting or living in Thailand, or for practicing at a Thai restaurant or similar places anywhere in the world.